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SMØRKOLLEN 1156 masl

What you can expect: Satisfied adults and children. Smørkollen is the area’s lightest and cutest little peak with great views up towards the mountain Bitihorn and down the flatter parts towards Beitostølen. “Sætergården” below the summit are also great to look at. Maybe you will see both sheep, cows and goats. And if you’re really lucky, maybe a family of ravens will fly past and call out to you!

  • Area: Beitostølen
  • Type: Hiking
  • Grade: Easy, well visible and marked trail. Perfect for young children.
  • Length and duration: approx. 750 m one way. 5-10 min depending on speed
  • Height: 35 metres.
  • Season: June – Oct
  • Nature area: Beitostølen, path by road. Easy access, and a clear path.

What is the trip like along the way: You start from the car park at Fv 51. There are two parking areas next to the road that have space for 4 – 6 cars, so it can be full. Many people stop when driving through the area to climb this peak. First a few hundred meters flat and a little down, before it goes calmly up to the top. There are several trails in the area that all go up to the top. Here you can choose different paths within the family up to the top.

Expectation of you:  Always take rubbish with you, so that it is not left in nature. 
Park efficiently so that more people have space. The trip is so short and friendly that the children probably don’t need “gasoline” from a snack bag to get to the top, so it’s nice to share the trip, young and old. 

Easier alternative: Sommerparken – 900 m above sea level

Access with your own car:
Drive Fv 51 from Beitostølen and find parking on the left side of the road just before you turn under the foot of the mountain Bitihorn. Along the way, you drive past a tiny café “Bitibue” that offers coffee and local food.

Recommended map: 
Besseggen Norge series Turkart 1 : 50,000

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