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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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Once you have arrived at Beitostølen, you can mostly park the car and go on foot or on skis among the offers and possibilities. This also largely applies to the shops in the mountain village. Short distances and a large selection in the most everyday and the deliciously extravagant.

GROCERIES: Large selection

COOP PRIX: Quick and easy dinners.
Stølstunet, Bygdinvegen 3762, 2953 Beitostølen
Directions and opening times: Find here.

KIWI: Fast, safe and cheap.
Øvrevegen 4A, 2953 Beitostølen
Directions and opening hours: Find here.

SAVE: Always an offer for something good.
Bygdinvegen 3783, 2953 Beitostølen
Directions and opening hours: Find here.

THE REKORINGEN BEITOSTÖLEN : You don’t have to be local to shop locally.
REKO stands for “FAIR CONSUMER” and is a platform where food producers and artisans can offer their goods directly to consumers in the local area.
Click on the REKOring group at Beitostølen . With a button, you ask to become a member – it is granted within minutes, and then all you have to do is order!
There is almost no limit to what you can access! Short-distance and unique ingredients!


TOURIST OFFICE: The welcome centre

VisitValdres has its own BEITOSTØLEN office. You will find this in the business building below the alpine resort, under Lodge900. Here we help you with recommendations for tours and activities all year round, and we have a wide selection of tour maps for sale. People who know Valdres and Jotunheimen work for us. You can also buy fishing licenses, souvenirs such as postcards and art cards, (tour) books, magnets and tickets for excursions by bus and boat in Jotunheimen.
When the office is closed, inquiries by phone and email are answered by the Valdres Tourist Office at Fagernes within their opening hours . CONTACT: Phone: +47 61 35 94 20 Email: Messenger: 



Located as part of Stølstunet, directly above Marnes Fashion and Sport1.
Supplementary information on i.a. opening hours : You can find them here .
Bygdinvegen 3764, Beitostølen


SPORTS STORES: Solid professional knowledge

Three fantastic sports shops, both brand-affiliated and detached, offer a large selection. All the shops with impressive service and professional knowledge worthy of an active sports and leisure destination.

SPORTEN BEITOSTÖLEN – is next to the Bergo hotel.
Specialists in mountains, hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and running. Regardless of the season and weather – the mountain tour starts here! Known for an exciting range of products and good service, and is more than happy to share local knowledge. Our goal is increased walking pleasure! Also has a super online store. At SPORTEN, you will find the right equipment at the right price, regardless of your level of ambition.
Phone: + 47 61 34 10 81

– located in Knutsstøl, the business building below the alpine resort.
Here you will find everything from skis and bicycles to fishing equipment and sports fashion. Among other things, the shop has its own ski selector for picking skis that suit you perfectly, as well as a ski workshop so that your favorite skis get an upgrade when needed and you have a great day on the slopes. Bicycle workshop in the summer. In addition, the store has a sole machine that makes specially adapted insoles. At intersport, they are passionate about good service and happily give tips on nice trips and good fishing waters. The store has its own online store, , in addition to click-and-collect via . 
Phone: +47 61 34 01 05

SPORT1 BEITO – is located as part of Stølstunet, directly above Vinmonopolet.
Well-known brands of high quality and a large selection in sports and leisure. With us you will find a locally adapted selection and solid specialist knowledge – and most of all we have a heart for real sport. Inspirational sporting goods and products you’ll love. Feel free to reserve online and pick up in store.
Phone: +47 61 34 00 54


CLOTHES: For every body and occasion

MOTEKROKEN – located in Knutsstøl, the business building below the alpine resort.
Parties, leisure and a life on the move – Motekroken carries brands of all categories and has a selection so you always have your next purchase in mind. Carries clothing and accessories for both men and women. Stylish and knowledgeable staff who happily help and guide.
+47 61 34 00 35
Additional information and i.a. Opening hours : You can find it here:


Beitostølen’s three sports shops, SPORTEN BEITOSTØLEN, INTERSPORT BEITOSTØLEN and SPORT1 BEITO, also carry a rich selection of clothes and shoes. (You can find information about these at the top of the page.)
LOCAL PATRIOT and looking for the VALDRES T-SHIRT?
It is available for sale at the Tourist Office: See more about the Tourist Office further up the page.)



GAMAL AARGANG is located in the southern part of Beitostølen center and has a fantastic range in its selection of antiques, furnishings and interior design. Here you will find extensive experience and nice people who will help you with both details and larger projects. Old Year can i.a. deliver on:
• curtains and textiles
• mattresses
• table settings
• cupboards
• furniture
• lamps
• carpets
Phone: +47 61 34 24 58
Complementary inspiration and information about e.g. opening hours:
Bygdinvegen 3734, Beitostølen


MAKALAUSE – located in Knutsstøl, the business building below the alpine resort.
It is difficult to categorize the type of goods the store houses, because here is everything that is useful, delicious, inspiring, recreational… Here you will find everything you want, a lot you didn’t know you wanted and really nice gifts that you end up buying two off so you can keep one for yourself! Very carefully and modestly, the team at Makalause gifts and interiors summarizes: We sell interiors, furniture, souvenirs and art. There is a large selection of candles and napkins, pillows and blankets. Gifts for everyone! We have a “shop in shop” with a wide selection of souvenirs. We can also offer styling help for houses/cottages!
Phone: +47 948 20 288
Complementary inspiration and information about e.g. opening hours :
Bygdinvegen 3783, Beitostølen


You can find VALDRES SØLVSMIE and KERAMIKKVERKSTED both online and in physical stores. In the online store and in the store at Hyggjande, between Skammestein and Ryfoss, you will find all the Valdres ceramic products in the “Myrull” and “Korn” series. Our skilled ceramist and painter are in full swing with the production of new ceramics. Many have collected over time and we make
• plates and serving dishes
• bowls and bowls
• cups and mugs
• jugs and dishes
• flower pots and vases.
Phone: +47 467 66 043
Online shop:
Valdres Keramikkverksted: Eggeåsveien 620, Heggenes


HOUSE & COTTAGE services and goods

PLUMBING : Plumbing: Heating, ventilation & sanitary engineering. Svein Olsen & Sønner runs a plumbing shop/BAM ENVIRONMENT next door to the Kiwi shop on Beitostølen. They carry out all types of plumbing services, and are also a total supplier of complete bathrooms and wet rooms. Helps you with the installation of heat pumps, underfloor heating, normal equipment assembly and service assignments. Will be happy to come to your home for an inspection. 
Telephone: +47 61 34 13 90
Further information: You can find it here.
Øvrevegen 4, Beitostølen


ARVES VAKTMESTERSERVICE is a natural point of contact no matter what services you need at Beitostølen. Among other things, winter services, cabin service, jacuzzi supervision, maintenance, refurbishment, painting and staining and cleaning are offered here. They are a solid partner and have connected with the best in the areas in which they themselves do not provide services, so here you have one contact: Fix-it-all.
Telephone: + 47 990 09 553
Additional information about services: You can find it here.


MILJØSTASJON (Beitostølen Miljøstasjon, VKR: Valdres Kommunale Renovasjon.)
Telephone: +47 480 11 491
Additional information on e.g. opening hours : You can find them here.
Bygdinvegen 3646, Beitostølen



VALDRES VETERINARY CENTER DEPT. BEITOSTØLEN is in place in central premises at Fjellstølen. Veterinary treatment for cats and dogs is offered here.
– We offer services such as vaccination and chip marking, health examination, de-worming related to travel abroad, claw clipping, passport issuance, ear examinations, skin and allergy consultations, chemical castration, surgical castration of male cats, euthanasia etc.
Animals that need urgent or extended veterinary treatment are referred to Fagernes, where we offer X-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, dental treatment and surgery.
In addition, we will have a shop selling food from Hill’s and Royal Canin, treats and toys, bandage material and first aid kits – and much more!

Thursdays & Fridays 10:00-14:00: Veterinarian available by appointment.
Thursday – Saturday 11:00-14:00: The shop is open.
Beyond opening hours, we have a 24-hour veterinary guard at Fagernes tel: 61 36 05 55 .
Additional information, prices and booking:  via website and on the centre’s Facebook page.


THE DOG: Own hotel
– or pass for a day or two

DOG HOTEL : at Myhre Gård
Open all year. Offers everything from day passes to stays of several weeks and months.
Fresh air, plenty of space and fantastic hiking opportunities in forests and mountains.
Additional information, prices and ordering:  via website .



PETROL STATION : YX-Beitostølen can be found in Bygdinvegen 3776, between Stølstunet and Bergo hotel. This is a 24-hour, unattended station.

WASH HALL : Under the auspices of Beitostølen Maskin og transport, there is a wash hall available at Beitostølen. The laundry hall (self-wash) at Beitostølen is open to everyone, around the clock – all year round. The wash hall is suitable for cars and smaller equipment, as well as trucks and tractors. Here you can choose whether you want to pay with coins or cards. 
You will find the hall down the hill for the Environment Agency.
Bygdinvegen 3650, Beitostølen.