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Riddergaarden’s own restaurant

We are very pleased to have Kai Sveum on board as restaurateur.
On 1 July, he opened a delicious new restaurant as part of Riddergaarden at Beitostølen.

Kai Sveum (60) is not just anyone in the mountain village. He has a long career as a restaurateur at Beitostølen. In recent years as manager of the popular and critically acclaimed Hytta Mat & Vinhus.

– This was an opportunity I simply could not say no to. A brilliant concept for an Italian restaurant, where the not unknown food profile Odd Bjørung has been an important concept architect. This will be something very special. Not just on Beitostølen, but in the whole of Fjell-Norway. A new and lavish restaurant, 420 square meters in size.

The restaurant opening is set for Saturday 1 July.
– Italy has a lot to offer, so what else can we say other than that those who wait will certainly not do so in vain.

Or as they also say; hence pasta!

Here, information and developments are continuously updated, and as soon as table reservations are opened, we promise that it will be known!