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Wining & dining

RADISSON BLU RESTAURANT offers fantastic views and delicious food.

In the RadissonBLU hotel restaurant at Beitostølen you can enjoy the food with a fantastic view towards Slettefjell.
New view in variation with season and weather every day.

The restaurant mainly offers a 3-course menu.
It is possible to order just a main course, main course and dessert, starter and main course or, for that matter, just a starter or just dessert.
Variations of, for example, buffets occur and are advertised.

RadissonBLU restaurant is well known for seasonal and thematic highlights, such as the Christmas, 17 May buffet or “Rakfiskfestival”.

Vegetarian and other customized options are available on request.

The hotel’s Small Dish Menu is also available every day at 13:00 – 17:30.
You can order from both reception and the Lobby bar.

To book a table, call 61 35 10 00 /

Function room: Mogop
Own department adjacent to the hotel restaurant. Perfect for groups and companies.



Bygdinvegen 3812 I på Radisson BLU hotellet