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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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Great for takeaway, but also a cozy place to sit down and enjoy great pizzas.

– We are very proud of our good suppliers. A pizza from PB is so good because we use the best ingredients. Together we are the Pizzabakeren!

The last proof of quality is the two gold medals Gabbas  received during the Norwegian Championship in meat products 2022. Gold for the pepperoni! Gold for the chorizo! Congratulations to Gabbas! From their butcher’s shop, we also get chicken and pork – which gets even better after bathing in Pizzabakeren´s own marinade.

Want to taste gold? Try one of our six pizzas with pepperoni or one of the three with chorizo!

There are several stars on our strong Norwegian supplier team. Tine delivers real cheese for the cheese mixture. We have developed the cheese substitute for our four vegan pizzas together with them.



Øvrevegen 4,