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Peppes Pizza

Informal atmosphere, pleasant surroundings and traditional pizza menu.

Informal atmosphere, pleasant surroundings and an American pizza menu are the cornerstones of Peppes. In addition to our classic pizza line Classic Chicago, we also offer the Freestyle California, with exciting toppings on a thin base. You will of course also find many other snacks on the menu, not least several delicious desserts. We have 150 seats inside and when the sun is shining and the thermometer shows plus, we also have 120 seats outside. 

Peppes Pizza Beitostølen also offers take-away. Located in the center of Beitostølen, it is easy to pick up your dinner from here.

Since 1970, millions of Norwegians have shared stories, secrets, family time, late nights and not least pizza at Peppes. 

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Bygdinvegen 3781, Beitostølen
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