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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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Cote de Boeuf, view & après ski

LODGE900 is like right out from the best alpine village!

In the restaurant you can enjoy a good lunch during the day. Here you will find our handmade stone oven baked pizza all day. In the evening, an a la carte menu is served, which at any time consists of the best that is in season. Also try our signature Cote de Boeuf! An extensive wine list and cocktail menu make this the place for an all-nighter.

Our great pride is The terrace! Here you will find Beitostølen’s most beautiful view and best atmosphere.

After the ski lift closes, we turn up the music and run Afterski in the bar. In the evening, the area is also used as a Lounge with good music – good atmosphere and good cocktails are the focus.

If you enjoy the feel and food – check out CAFEEN just across the road as well!

Our great pride, the Terrace, we open fully for the winter holidays week 8. Here you will find Beitostølen’s most beautiful view and best atmosphere!

Pål Andvord



Bygdinveien 3787 Beitostølen