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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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RENT BICYCLES and other equipment at Beitostølen

Explore “Mjølkevegen” or the great nature in Jotunheimen this summer. Perhaps you want to explore all the surrounding possibilities locally at Beitostølen?
Here there is an eldorado of prepared hikes and trails, and a chairlift in the center of the city which in summer takes both you and your bike to the top of the slopes.

There is easy access to FjellkjedenRENTAL if you arrive by car, by bus or if you stay in one of the hotels or some of the apartments or cabins associated with Beitostølen Resort. The shop is located in the center of the city and shares an entrance with the Welcome Centre/Tourist Information Centre.
Here you will find all types of bicycles and the store is well organized with access to relevant equipment for cleaning bicycles, simple tools, a spacious changing area and good storage cupboards.

FjellkjedenRENTAL rents fully damped e-bikes and mountain bikes for both adults and children. Necessary equipment such as bicycle trailers for children, side bags and helmets are also offered here.

OTHER FUN : In addition to bicycles and related equipment, you can also find for rent carrying sticks , frisbee plates for frisbee golf and fishing rods .

For information on current opening hours, capacity check and rental: 

Bygdinvegen 3787
TELEPHONE: 400 02 115


Welcome to the Beitostølen Trail Arena – Norway’s new mountain bike destination