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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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Reach the top on skis and have fun back down for dinner.

The word randonnee is French and means “tour”. And that’s exactly what randonee skiing is all about; you go up on skis and drive back down for dinner. In Norway, we have been doing this for years; on foot, on snowshoes, wooden skis, cross-country skis, mountain skis, telemark skis – and now randonee.

A big advantage of randonee is that you get an early start on the ski season. It doesn’t take a big snow chute before you can “list yourself up” and find more snow above 1300-1400 metres. At the beginning of the season, the snow layer is often a little variable, and then it’s good to have solid skis and boots.


Beitostølen is a Randonee mecca with easy access to beautiful peaks and a winter-clad lunar landscape!
COURSES: In our WHAT’S HAPPENING overview, you will periodically find several RANDONE courses.

Do you want to rent randonee equipment? We recommend BEITOSTOLENRENTAL .