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MUGNETIND 1738 masl

What you can expect:  Tour with great variations. Plains, beautiful rivers, mountain lakes, snow areas also in summer, and lots of great nature. The view at the top is impeccable in all directions. You can see, among other things, down the whole of Valdres to the south/southeast. Straight into Svartdalen and the Gjendalpen. Reindeer are also known to trample past nearby. 

  • Area:
    Slettefjell/ Beito
  • Type:
  • Rating:
    Medium/Difficult. Marked and clear path.
  • Length and duration:
    11.5 km round trip approx. 4-6 hours, depending on the number of breaks and speed.
  • Elevation:
    725 metres
  • Season:
    June – Oct
  • Nature area:
    The walk goes above the tree line.

What is the trip like along the way: You start from the parking lot, which is located where the river Mugna comes down from the mountain and crosses the Slettefjellveien. Located approx. 400 m after Mugnestølen. Stein goes the first 3 km up towards Mugnebottjednet along the river Mugna. Great river with “instagram” possibilities in several places. When you get up here, the top itself stands and “looks down” at you. In pure joy at the number of meters up to the top, and the beautiful nature in the area around the water, you trudge further to the left to get up to the water 1459. Where the snow usually lies in the summer, and if you’re lucky, small flakes of ice sail around the water, and you might be thinking…. Jeez, are we in Greenland? 

When you pass along the 1459 water, the path breaks steeply up to the right, and you start on the last part up towards the top itself. The path here may have some parts with snow, but mostly rock/mountain. Up at the very top there is a large stone cairn, where most people immortalize the visit with group photos or selfies. Then the lunch pack is consumed around the top, depending on the number of visitors, before the tour descends again.  

Expectations for you: Be early if you want to park in the car park or nearby on the shoulder of the road. Remember to always take rubbish with you, so that it is not left in nature. 

Easier option: Raudhorn 1143 m from the west.

Access with your own car: From Beitostølen you drive to Beito, and further inwards towards Slettefjellvegen (toll road), to the car park where the river Mugna crosses the road.
From Vang, drive Slettefjellvegen (Bomvei) towards Beito, to the car park by the river Mugna.

Access by public transport:  None.

Recommended map:  Besseggen Norge series Turkart 1 : 50,000

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