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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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Live and learn with the animals

At Beitostølen, we think it would be very nice if you would like to join, and perhaps learn more about, some of the wonderful animals we live closely with. Perhaps you have seen dog sledding on TV or always dreamed of holding a puppy?
Puppy, dog, foal and horse - with us you can get up close!

Participate in dog training

Join in the training and socialization of the puppies, our future guide dogs. Maybe the puppies at Beito Husky will steal your heart! Perfect summer activity for the whole family and for anyone who loves dogs.


Lovely horses

Feel the soft fur and warm muzzle. Learn about how the horses talk to each other and enjoy a short horse ride in the area. Kind horses at Myhre Gård will give you good encounters with this wonderful animal.


Visit farms

Wake up happy and curious animals early in the morning or come for an evening cuddle. The animals love visits and are waiting for you!


Your own team of eager huskies

Join us on a training trip with Beito husky. Get to know the dogs. Learn to control your own dog team and join a guided tour in the area. Unforgettable experience!