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What you can expect: Kalvedalen is a rare experience of extreme nature that closes you into a river gorge where the mountain sides drop vertically on all sides of the trip. When there has been rainfall, or it is early summer, you will see 2-3 waterfalls along the way in addition to the main waterfall deep in the valley. Enjoy the river that runs along the entire trip, beautiful birch forest and mountain flowers. If you have hiked Utladalen or have a desire to do so (Norway’s deepest valley pass), Kalvedalen is a mini version of this. With both high and steep edges, and wonderful waterfalls that come down the sides every now and then.

Area: Beitostølen/Slettefjell/Raudalen
Type: Hiking
Grading: Medium, partially well-visible trail.
Length and duration: approx. 4 km r/r, approx. 2 hours, depending on the number of breaks and speed. 
You follow the same path in as out.
Altitude: 90 metres
Season: June – Oct
Nature area: The trip goes over a river, in forest along the river. 
Clock/stone up towards the waterfall.

What the trip is like along the way: You start at the edge of the quarry, which is located deep in the Raudalen. Here there is decent parking for 4-5 cars, at the edge of the breach, where the asphalt roads end. The tour goes along the old road on the edge of the quarry to the start of this beautiful valley. From the edge of the breach, the road leads to a path, where you will see the river’s crossing point after approx. 500 meters. Then you keep to the right on the unmarked path down to the river (see map). You will see both a bridge belonging to the power plant in the area, and a power station on the way to the river, but only look, and do not touch.

The crossing over the river goes well for most people. The smallest children can certainly get a hand to hold, or perhaps it is mother or father who needs a little support. If you have nice shoes on, these can be taken off the 3-5 meters above the river. It goes well with  stone that you can balance on above (see picture) to the opposite side. You continue on the left side of the river right up to the waterfall. And several areas with grass plains can be used to lie down and just enjoy nature, or perhaps bring a lunch. 

Up at the foot of the waterfall there is a stone clock, which is easily pushed over, and if the flow of water is good when you visit up here, you probably have to expect to get a little wet if you get all the way to the waterfall.

Same way back. Only with a slightly bigger smile!

Expectation of you: And always take rubbish with you, so that it is not left in nature. And park efficiently so that more people can get space. Do not cut trees if you want to make a fire. Then you have wood for this purpose yourself. (From 15 April to 15 September, it is generally forbidden to start fires in forests and fields.)

Easier alternative: Knausehøgda – 1123 m above sea level

Access with your own car:
From the center of Beitostølen there is a sign for Slettefjellvegen. First follow Beitostølvegen, then Lykkavegen past Lykkja until you come to a large gravel roof on the right, about 6 km. Here there is a small space on the RIGHT up at the start of the gravel roof  where you can park.  See marking on the map. (Trip description continues the submap image.)

Kalvedalen parkering

Access by public transport: No public transport  

Recommended map: Besseggen Norge series Turkart 1 : 50,000

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