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FAGERDALEN 1245 masl

What you can expect: Do you want to feel what it is like to hike over high mountains in one of our fantastic mountain areas? The Fagerdalen tour is Jotunheimen/ Sognefjellet/ Rondane in miniature. Experiance mountain peaks, beautiful trails, mountain lakes, peace and quiet, game, cabins and mountain/dirt roads that wind through beautiful scenery. 

  • Area: Heimre Fagerdalen/Bygdin
  • Type: Hiking
  • Grading: Easy
  • Length and duration: approx. 8 km t/r, approx. 3-4 hours, depending on breaks and speed.
  • Altitude: 195 metres
  • Season: June – Oct
  • Nature area: The hike goes above the treeline. 

Tour description: We recommend walking this beautiful round anti-clockwise. Then you will start the first 500 metres with easy climbing, and then it’s flat or downhill until you’re back to start. Can hardly be better.

You start at the parking lot at Fagerstrand and follow the path up to the start of Fagerdalen. Instead of following the popular route up to Synshorn, you let your pulse calm down the moment you choose the path into the valley and beautiful nature, silence and tranquility enter your body with every step you take. You can choose whether you stop on the sandy beach of Heimre Fagerdaltjednet and have a refreshing dip, or whether you just enjoy reflections of the mountain while you continue on the path.

The trip into the valley is just under 2.5 km, with mountains on both sides. When you see the path coming from Valdresflya, and the water Bygdin is seen to your left, turn left at the junction.

From here there is great grass cover and you follow the path down towards Bygdin. High jotuntines, crystal clear village water do something to you.

If you have time, you stop down by Bygdin and enjoy a snack you have in your bag. Checks out even colder bathing temperatures, and takes a dip.

You always get warm again. The last 3 km which runs along Bygdinssundet/Hålisundet on the right and the privately owned Bygdisheim and Kongdliknuppen on the left inwards to Fagerstrand again.

Expectation of you: That you always take rubbish with you so that it is not left in nature. Park efficiently so that more people have space. If you meet reindeer, keep your distance. They mostly rest on patches of snow in the hot sun.

Easier option: The swimming pool at Radisson Blu Mountain Resort – 895 m above sea level.

Access with your own car:
From Beitostølen you drive fv. 51 towards Valdresflya. Bygdinsheimveien turns left about 500 m after Bygdin Fjellhotell. Here the car park is at the foot of Synshorn, and also accommodates winter storage for the boat MS Bitihorn, and the Bygdinstøga Cafeteria (temporarily closed).

Parking costs NOK 100 per day, and can be paid with a tip.

Access by public transport:
NW161 from Beitostølen. Valdresekspressen Nor-Way bus company. If you come from the west, you can take the boat MB Bitihorn, which runs twice a day between Bygdin, Torfinnsbu and Eidsbugarden. There is a bus stop at Bygdin Fjellhotell about 500 m from the start of the trail.

Recommended map: Besseggen Norge series Turkart 1 : 50,000

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