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Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing on Beitostølen is the real winter adventure. Here you can glide silently in a chalk-white winter landscape. In season, you will find 180 local kilometers of groomed cross-country trails (connected to 140 additional kilometers). Come and make new memories!

You can basically start right outside the door, wherever you are. Many choose an easyfix to the top with the chair lift, and set off from there. This is also a great tip if you have children (big and small) with you who are not always highly motivated for cross-country skiing.
This is also the start of the PANORAMIC SKI TOUR FROM BEITOSTÖLEN TO BYGDIN . A fantastic trip that from the winter holidays until Easter can be combined with a bus return from Bygdin with .

There is something almost magical about the view from the heights. In some areas it is described as looking out over a lunar landscape, and that is certainly quite accurate.

Choose your tracks, tracks and laps, choose your areas and pedal. BEITO LANGRENN is a unique trail association with daily updated information on both prepping and trail tips . They also remind us of considerate driving and restraint. You can contact the reception at the Radisson Blu hotel for trail maps for cross-country skiing, and in addition we beat the Tourist Information (located across the street from both hotels and below the alpine slopes) which is also a great source of inspiration and information.

There are several HEATING ROOMS outside in the trail network. Both serviced and unserviced. (Link will be updated when the season is in full swing.)


Spring skiing at Valdreflye

Do you enjoy skiing in the “summer”?
Whether you are a track subber or a racer: Spring with skis on your feet at Valdresflye is a must experience. Bring the gang, the girls, the family, put the family reunion here. All possibilities with groomed cross-country trails mostly until 20 May. An experience of a lifetime, whether you prefer ski trips in the warm spring sun, mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding or simply enjoying a packed lunch in the sun with a view of Jotunheimen’s mighty peaks.

You get to Valdresflye via the Valdresflye National Tourist Route – approx. 20 km from Beitostølen – the road is closed in winter, but usually opens at Easter, and remains open as long as the weather gods permit throughout autumn.


Peak tours and randomoro

During the period when the National Tourist Route Valdresflye is open, you can reach several of Jotunheimen’s 2,000-metre peaks from Valdresflye – whether you want to go on your own, or use a guide. 

The ski school’s skilled local guides can take you on a summit tour, or give you an introduction to loose snow skiing. They offer summit tours of varying degrees of difficulty and duration – everything from an educational introduction to loose snow skiing to more demanding summit tours.


Training sessions

Beitostølen is perfectly located for many types of activities and has a long snow season. With highly varied and flexible housing solutions, the destination has established itself as a great place for training sessions for both the professional athletes, but also for sports teams and associations at other levels.
At Beitostølen you will find:
Suitable surroundings both outside and inside:
• 320 km of cross-country trails
• World Cup facilities for cross-country skiing
• International biathlon arena (30 targets and 50 meter course)
• 5 km lighted trail
• 2.5 km roller skiing track
• 2 swimming pools (25 m )
• Sports hall with climbing wall (40x20m)
• Training center

Popular gatherings at Beitostølen:
• Summer ski school, biathlon school, NM in orienteering and O-festival.
• Annual training sessions on early snow.
• Five à side football tournaments for corporate and senior teams.
• International cross-country opening as well as the year’s first touring race
• NM alpine veteran (Master)
• Mountain marathon

Feel free to get in touch for additional inspiration and information, and you will get what you need to advise your association about where the next meeting can be located:
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