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What you can expect: Magnificent nature along the mountain fjord Bygdin – Jotunheimen’s longest fjord. Great peaks that reaches up on both sides of the water. Reindeer may pass you by on the walk. Sheep from local farmers will curiously or lazily look up at you and wonder “why such a rush”? 
The veteran boat MS Bitihorn, when the season is open for trips, will create a stern wave that breaks against the beautiful rock or sandy beach on the trails along the shoreline. The the trails has a good standard, and you will spot the typical Norwegian red T-mark from start to finish. Bridges have been set up at river crossings, so it is no problem to pass the rivers that roar with meltwater from the 2000 m peaks. The last or first part of the trip is on a mountain road (approx. 3 km) from or to to the private mountain lodge Bygdisheim.

  • Area : Bygdin / Jotunheimen
  • Type : Hike possibly by boat MS Bitihorn
  • Grade : Medium, well visible and marked trail. A trip most people can complete.
  • Length and duration : 14 km one way. 3-4 hours depending on speed.
  • Height : 117 metres.
  • Season : June – September
  • Nature area : Easy access, and more or less flat and clear path / road throughout the trip. Mainly dominated by grass, willow scrub, spring mountain flower, lake, bog and rivers.

What is the walk like along the way: If you are familiar with the nature of both Valdres and Jotunheimen, the feeling when you walk along Bygdin is that you are leaving or entering Jotunheimen. The trip starts at Torfinnsbu after a boat trip with MS Bitihorn, from Bygdin or Eidsbugarden there are high and steep 2000 m peaks that dominate around you. Torfinnstindene and or Synshorn/ Bitihorn are visible from start or stop. 

Many people like to enjoy a lunch at Hestevollen, which is an old agriculture area east of Torfinnsbu. During the Second World War, the Germans also had a large camp in this area. Straight out of Hestavollen you will find the deepest part of Bygdin at a depth of 215 m. Of course you can’t see it, but it’s a troublesome thought about the depth of the water!

Expectation of you:  Always take rubbish with you, so that it is not left in nature. 

Park efficiently so that more people have space. 

If you choose trainers, these will undeniably be both wet and perhaps need a round in the washing machine after the trip. The path has some wet sections, especially early in the season or after heavy rain. We recommend mountain shoes, which are preferably also tested before the trip. Don’t you have these? Yes, Beitostølen is full of sports shops that deliver in different sizes and colours. Since this area is above the treeline, a windbreaker in your bag is good to have if it gets windy. Do not expect network coverage throughout the trip.

Easier alternative: Roundtrip with MS Bitihorn, and preferably all the way to Eidsbugarden, as there are rumors of chocolate and fresh bakery for sale at the DNT cabin Fondsbu. If you don’t have a taste for sweet pastries, you can pay in as a day guest and enjoy stew and flatbread at DNT’s self-service cabin Torfinnsbu. But here it is also necessary to clean up after yourself, which you don’t have to do in serviced cabins that those at Eidsbugarden can present. Regardless of the choice, there is great nature in both places.


More photos from Bygdin-Torfinnsbu-Bygdin below and several other TOUR DESCRIPTIONS here.