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BITIHORN 1607 masl

There are two main routes to the top of Bitihorn: Either from the south with the direct route that is more exposed or the more comfortable route from the back of the peak.

Here you will find a description of the normal route to Bitihorn – the pleasant one.

What you can expect: A popular hike up to the very icon for “everything and everyone” on Beitostølen. The peak has many possibilities for visits, and two of them are revealed here. At the top, you are guaranteed to meet other great people, but also a 360-degree view. And whichever direction you choose to rest your gaze, Valdres and Jotunheimen have something great to show off. The summer and autumn seasons often feature reindeer in the area.  

  • Area: Beitostølen/Jotunheimen
  • Type: Hiking
  • Grade: Medium, well visible and marked trail.
  • Length and duration: approx. 8 km t/r, approx. 3-4 hours, depending on the number of breaks and speed.
  • Altitude: 550 / 450 altitude meters
  • Season: June – Oct
  • Nature area: The walk goes above the tree line. 

How is the trip along the way: The main road up to the top (the one most used) is from the parking lot north of the top. Along Fv 51, there is a car park (charges NOK 60) which is for use by visitors to Bitihorn and other nearby areas. Across the road, there is also a sales point for tourists who want to buy gifts that are reindeer or Sami-related. 

The trail starts without a climb, and of course gradually gets steeper all the way to the top. But it’s easy all the way to the top. The path follows the mountain and goes up the back. Along the way, you pass a reindeer fence.

The trip up this road takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours

If you are fresh from the kick-off and want a steeper trip up to the top, then you start at the parking lot in Båtskaret. The trip up is shorter, and less in height, but on the other hand, the path is steep and occasionally narrow with elements of loose rock. In return, there is a Sherpa-built path at the start, so here you get both.

Expectation of you: And always take rubbish with you, so that it is not left in nature. And park efficiently so that more people can get space. If you meet reindeer, keep your distance.

Easier alternative: Gravolskampen – 1281 m

Access with your own car: From Beitostølen you drive fv. 51 against Valdresflye. You will see marked parking on the left, about 1 km before Bygdin fjellhotell. And the “same camp” is also clearly seen on the opposite side.   
Parking costs NOK 60 per day, and can be paid with tip.

Access by public transport:  NW161 from Beitostølen. Valdresekspressen Nor-Way bus company. 

Recommended map:  Besseggen Norge series Turkart 1 : 50,000

You can find the tour description up from the south (direct route) HERE , and generally  several other TOUR DESCRIPTIONS here.