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Welcome to Beitostølen Resort!

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At GJESTEGAARDEN, you live in the middle of Beitostølen. Right next to alpine resorts, summer activity park - everything really!

You have two of the destination’s most pleasant restaurants in the same building, ValdresEkspressen stops directly on the upper side of the building, cool  après-ski-Lodge900  is located directly across the street, likewise with a grocery store, sports shops, inspiring and informative tourist information,  Beitostølen Rental  which is the base for renting equipment and various health and wellness offer.
If we measure distances in snowball throws, you live within a throw of everything you need and can enjoy. 

Gjestegaarden is easyliving.
From here, even the youngest children go to the slopes themselves – in slalom boots!

Father of four

At GJESTEGAARDEN you will mainly find four different apartment sizes, varying from around 30m2 to 55m2. The smallest with one bedroom and best suited for 2 people. The largest at 55m2, but with variations in the number of bedrooms, loft solutions, number of bathrooms and not least different bed and bunk solutions, and suitable for up to 6 people.

All apartments have a bulleye location, including internet, free carport downstairs or free outdoor parking. Elevator to all floors.

You will find a more detailed description of the various apartments in the next step of our booking solution. Many of the apartments allow dogs. You will also find this described in later booking steps.

Please note that apartments within the same type may vary in layout.



Bygdinvegen 3802. Skip-the-line check-in with mobile key, or check-in via the reception at the Radisson.