Steaks and Bones

Steaks & Bones - steakhouse at the foot of the alpine hills near Radisson Blu. 

Hytta Mat og Vinhus

New food & wine house with a unique atmosphere.

Peppes Pizza

Speciality: American or Californian style pizza. 

Lodge 900

Nyåpnet italiensk restaurant & pub med bl.a. pizza fra steinovner.

Bergo Hotel restaurant

Bergo Hotel ivites you to its restaurant.

Caféen Tapas

Continental café & tapas restaurant at the foot of the ski slopes.

Chen's Beijing House

China resturant at Bitihorn Leilighetshotell inthe centre of Beitostølen.

Radisson Blu restaurant

Chambre separée adjacent to Radisson Blu dining room.


Very popular restaurant at Bergo Hotel.
Cafés & fast food
Nyåpnet frokost- og lunsjkafé vis-à-visalpinbakken.

Mat- & Vinhjørnet

Nyåpnet hjemmekoselig frokost- og lunsjrestaurant vis-à-vis Knutstøl.

Traditional cafeteria in the very centre of Beitostølen.

Beito cheese factory & café

Follow the cheese production while enjoying your meal.

Stølen Bakeri & Café

Bakery & café with home made products.

Jegersalen Dancing Bar

Nice, cosy and intimate dancing bar, situated on the lower level of Bergo Hotel.

Radisson Blu Dancing Bar

On the lower of the Radisson Blu Resort you will find one of Norway’s longest bars.
Pubs & bars

Arnold's Pub

Arnolds Pub is situated at the bottom of the Ola-Express ski lift.

Svingen Pub

Probably Beitostølen’s most popular meeting place.

The Radisson Blu Lobby Bar

This Lobby Bar is a favorite amongst adults – visitors as well as residents at Beitostølen.

Planlegger du bryllup?

Kan Beitostølen være stedet når dagen skal feires? Tradisjonelt eller spesielt? Helt enkelt eller storslagent?

Banquets Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu Resort has excellent locations on site for banquets and other events. 

Bergo Hotel banquets

The cosy and informal atmosphere as well as intimate lounges make Bergo perfect for parties.
Other places

Aasgaard - ski café

Aasgaard - cosy ski lodge in the ski center at Beitostølen.

Raudalshytta - café

Cosy ski café in the Raudalen Alpine Centre