Your conference in Beitostølen?

Beitostølen Resort has been hosting conferances since 1965 and is well aware that an excellent and organized stay leads to a great experience both work-wise and socially. We are well equipped to host smaller groups as well as groups with up to 500 people. At both Radisson Blu Resort Hotel and Bergo Hotel we have inspiering locations and work rooms, as well as the equipment needed to hold a successful conference. In addition, at Beitostølen there are plenty of activities to keep participants entertained and relaxed during non-working hours.


Vinterkonfernae på Beitostølen

Kickstart året med en vinterkonferanse på Beitostølen.

Radisson Blu conference
Konferanseavdeling med kapasitet til 500 personer i samme lokale,. Stor fleksibilitet, kan ta alle typer større arrangementer som bilutstillinger, landsmøter, messer, konserter og festbanketter. Studér vår konferansebrosjyre.

Beitohallen - the Beito Hall

Beitohallen - Large and flexible conference hall of 652 m².

Besseggen 1

Besseggen 1 - conference room of 115 m².

Besseggen 1 + 2

Besseggen 1 + 2  - Conference room of 230 m².


Conference room of 116 m² with fixed board table for up to 30 persons.

Gjende 1

Gjende 1: Meeting-/group room of 40 m² adjacent to the conference hall Beitohallen.

Gjende 1 + 2

Gjende 1 + 2: Meeting room of 90 m² adjacent to our largest conference hall Beitohallen.

Meeting room 5 + 6

Meeting room 5 + 6 - 24 m².

Salgssjef Terje Steinsrud

Kontakt meg for aktiviteter og tilbud på konferanser.

Gjende 2

Gjende 2: Meeting-/group room - 50 m² adjacent to the Beito Hall.

Group rooms

We offer 10 modern group rooms adjacent to the main conference halls.

Room 120

Room 120 - near the reception area.

Besseggen 2

Besseggen 2 - Conference room of 115 m².

The kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen with connecting dining room - for up to 50 persons.
Bergo Hotel conference
Bergo Hotel har 2 møterom for h.h.v. 30 og 100 personer, samt 2 grupperom.

Villmarkssalen - the wilderness room

Conference room with a unique decoration - 120 m².

Grupperom Bergo

Bergo har 2 grupperom på 10 m² hver i tilknytning til møterommene.

Samlingssalen - the aasembly room

Intimate meeting room - 50 m².