Guidelines for use - Beitostølen Resort Image/logo Bank

To access Beitostolen Resorts Image Bank / logos, read below.

Terms of Use Beitostolen Resorts image/logo data base:
1. The photographs/logos are free to use for anyone who intends to promote, create interest, or otherwise promote the Beitostolen destination.

2. Photographs may not be used for direct commercial purposes. The photographs can not be used in productions is intended for sale, except travel books.

3. If the photographs contains / renders artwork or other copyrighted works, the user responsible for clear rights' licenses. Beitostølen Resort is not responsible for the artist's copyright.

4. - and photographer if available - must be credited on all images except a few pictures with other ownership. This credit shall be made on the image itself, just below the image or in the immediate vicinity of the image. This credit can be done via mouse-over feature on websites and in applications where this is more appropriate.

On print: Beitostølen Resort
• On the Internet: clickable link to (Tour operators may credit Beitostølen Resort here).
• On Instagram:beitoresort_no

5. Changes can be made in the form of fragmentary photos. The photographs must not bemanipulated. The photographs must not be altered or reproduced so that the photographer's reputation is infringed.

6. The photographs downloaded, can only be used in the production for which order is made. They must then be deleted. Should you wish to use the photographs in further productions a new request to should be made. The photographs must not be lent out, sold, delivered or otherwise transferred to others without Beitostølen Resortconsent.

7. In case of crediting lacking/ incorrect crediting you will be billed for use according to the individual photographer's current rates.

8. If the conditions for use of the photos not otherwise adhered to (ie with the exception of missing / incorrect crediting), will be charged a fine of NOK 5,000. By misuse and missing / incorrect attribution, will both be charged fines and billed for use according to the individual photographer's current rates.

Access to Beitostolen Resorts image/logo bank:
To access Beitostölen Resorts image/logo bank (unless already a user), please send an email to:

and tell how the images / logos to be used, we will send you your username and password.