Liastølen - a small museum

Liastølen is located in the very centre of Beitostølen - facing the gas station.

Cheese factory and mini-brewery

First cheese factory in Norway where you can follow the production process all the way from milk delivery to ready to sell cheese.

Hegge Stavkirke (stave church)

Hegge Stave Church is a wooden structured church dating from around the 12th Century and is filled with a collection of illustrative wooden carvings.

Jotunheimen Nationl Park

Jotunheimen National Park is a paradise for hiking - for both young and old hikers.

Ridderspranget canyon

This famous canyon is a very deep and narrow canyon with white water from the river Sjoa pulsing way below.

Rock On Top Of Another Rock

Take time to see the duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss' monumental stone project at Valdresflya.

Scenic road Valdresflye

Scenic road Valdresflye (Nasjonal turistveg Valdresflye) runs between Garli (Beitostølen) and Hindsæter and is 46 km long.

The light chapel (Lyskapellet)

The dream of Anna and Erling Stordal, the principal founders of Beitostølen Helsesportsenter, was to build a church as part of the development.

Valdres Folkemuseum - open air museum

Famous open Air Museum depicting the area of Valdres.
Body care/Fitness

Ny laserklinikk på Beitostølen

Torsdag 25. oktober starter Ringerike Laserklinikk opp med ny avdeling på Beitostølen.

Beitostølen Fysioterapi

Nyåpnet tilbud på Radisson Blu Beitostølen.

Beitostølen spa & recreation

Situated at Radisson Blu Mountain Resort. 


Valdres Kattepensjonat tlbyr å ta vare på katten når eieren er borte.


Høyfjells hundehotell, hyggelig ferie for din firbeinte venn!

Sport shops

3 sports shops in the village center make sure do not lack equipment to all the activities on offer!

Håkan's Mountain Boutique - Antiques

Antiques - at Fjellstølen (approx. 50 m south of Coop Prix).

Liquor Store

Liquor store located in Stølstunet, a Category 2 store that offers approximately 300 products.

Plumber and bathroom environment

Svein Olsen & Sons operates plumbing shop next door to Kiwi store in Beitostølen.

Sami shop

Sami shop in the centre of Beitostølen.

Book store

Buy novels, detective stories, children's books or office supplies at Beitostølen Libris.

Byggmix Beitostølen (builder's merchant)

Byggmix Beitostølen - tools, rekvisita, hobby articles and large paint department.

Clothes and fashion shops

In Beitostølen you can find 2 very popular fashion shops - Motekroken and Bukken Bruse.

Grocery stores

Beitostølen offers 3 large grocery stores.

Interior design

Interior designer's boutique with long experience in guiding and helping its customers. 

Stølen Bakery

Local bakery & café in the southern part of the village centre.